Smart Chair - Lightweight Foldable Electric Wheelchair

Regain Your Mobility &
Get Your Independence Back!

Mobility Issue?  Meet Smart Chair

Smart Chair - Your New Personal Mobility Device
Whether you're looking for a new Personal Mobility Device, Electric Wheelchair or Mobility Scooter....or you simply want a more convenient option to your existing one, we invite you to try the Smart Chair -- We know you will love it!
Only $2,399.99
Regularly $2,999.99


Do you have a mobility issue that is making it difficult for you to visit your favorite shopping malls, markets, outdoor events and even your loved ones? The revolutionary Smart Chair lightweight electric wheelchair may be just what you're missing!

What makes Smart Chair the Future of Personal Mobility?

  • It's Lightweight & Foldable to a Compact Size - Fits virtually Anywhere
  • It uses Non-Memory Effect Batteries that can be Charged Anytime
  • It has Dual Wheel Motors with Direct Drive for Amazing Power
  • It uses Brushless Motors that are More Efficient than Brushed Motors
  • It Costs Substantially Less than any of its Competitors
  • It Has Replacement Parts are very affordable on any budget
  • It Requires Very Little Maintenance and is easily serviced
  • It is Much More Stable than a wobbly 3 Wheel Scooter

No other Mobility Scooter, Electric Wheelchair or Personal Mobility Device compares!

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